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Welcome To Our First Plain Cats of Fancy Homepage
A Site for everyone who has a cat that can't be named from a breed book.

( even IF the cat would let you! )

About this site.........
I am told that we ( the humans ) have only this one space to explain ourselves, so we will make the best of it. Since this is a "CAT" Page, we have just a small part of it........

As I am sure everyone could guess, we have two cats.

One that gets into anything and everything........
( 'Putercat )( on left )

And one who can't get into anything....except the food bowl....... ( Barkley )( on right )

Check in from time to time. This site will be changing all the time with new photos and stories of our frenzied felines. I hope you enjoy, and share your own stories and photos with us. Don't forget to sign the guest book, or send us an Email. And please visit some of our sponsor links, they help us keep this a free site to display our favorite "Plain Cats of Fancy"

Welcome To 'Puter and Barkleys Homepage
As you can tell by our expressions, our human pets took these photos without our permission, and have been punished accordingly.

After several wake-up calls in the middle of the night, and numerous ramblings through our humans seedlings, We are sure they have learned their lessons.

HOWEVER......if this fails to get their attentions, we have a lot we haven't poked our little noses into yet.

And after some biting, scratching of furnishings, ripping of curtains,tightwire acts on the edges of collectable shelves,electrical cords unpluged,plants chewed on, and just some simple LOUD behavior, We are sure they will get the idea!

We hope you enjoy our site, and don't believe everything you hear about us. We really are just rather sweet and innocent little furballs of love and affection.

Further Site Enhancements
As this site Progresses, We hope to soon add a "Cat of the Week" from any Photos we recieve from our visitors. So don't forget to rev up your hard drives, fire up your Emails, and send us anything amusing, cute or just downright outrageous from your feline's escapades.

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'Putercat & Barkley
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